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Joomla Mind Control Alpha Released...

Checkout Our Joomla April Fools Joke for 2011....

  • Have you even felt the need to Blog when you are travelling ?
  • Have had this constant urge to publish that article right then & there ?
  • Just realised you had forgotten to unpublish that Holiday Notice ?

{jb_lightbulb}Worry not.. Joomla Mind Control is here !{/jb_lightbulb}

While people have been busy building Admin apps for Joomla that work on the Iphone & what not, we have been busy taking it all a step further. The release has been delayed due to constant architectural changes with Joomla 1.0 then 1.5 & now 1.6 coming. Due to our long development cycle we have had to always adapt our code to the latest release  :(

{jb_pin}We know Google is trying to get people to Move with Google Motion, but we realise that people are really lazy & want to give a solution that people will actually use.. Please read on for details on downloads & how to use.. {/jb_pin}

{jb_brownbox}Supported Actions{/jb_brownbox}

With Joomla Mind Control Alpha, we have been able to get basic Joomla actions done by simply thinking about them. The currently supported functions are :

  • Write & Publish Joomla Articles
  • Publish & unpublish modules
  • Create Custom HTML Modules
  • Chat with online friends (Only JBolo Supported currently)
  • Create Users
  • Update JomSocial Status ( With Broadcast Integration

{jb_brownbox}Supported Views{/jb_brownbox}

It also allows you to View some stuff (Uses JBrainViewTM)

  • Reports from Virtuemart & Tienda
  • Reports from SocialAds
  • View list of online users

{jb_info} Note that currently only Brains of the Age between 25 to 40 are supported as we have not been able to correctly interpret signals of people below & above the limits. {/jb_info}

{jb_brownbox}How Does it Work ?{/jb_brownbox}

A Schematic..

{jb_brownbox}Credits {/jb_brownbox}

Uses the Joomla REST API from Techjoomla.. This will literally allow Joomla users to finally take rest.

{jb_warning} Risk Warning{/jb_warning}

  • Though we have tried our best to format the signals in a format acceptable to all Brains, some might not like the feedback signals & behave in unexpected ways..
  • You might experience slight shocks while using the ProductSimply install the J!MindControl plugin which can be downloaded here install it on your site. No Special hardware is needed to run this product.

{jb_brownbox}How to Use ?{/jb_brownbox}

We have been able to crack the worldwide MindLinkTM Network to fetch & send data. A Special router has been set-up to link it with the Internet. There is nothing to configure.. we read your minds to get all the data we need.

{jb_cut}Please dont sue us on Privacy issues.. This is still an Alpha & we shall be building in Privacy Filters in the coming future.. {/jb_cut}

{jb_dollar}Free Download{/jb_dollar}

The Product is completely free. Anyone can download it & use it. No Registration required.

{jb_accessible}Extendible ! {/jb_accessible}

Calling Developers. Its super easy to add Mind Control to your extensions now.. Just write a plugin for J!MindControl !

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