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Giving your site Advertisers the best ROI from advertising on your website


Why is Advertising an important source of revenue?

Advertising probably is the most successful way to earn money online. While businesses have been experimenting with a variety of business models for raising revenue from online properties, this is the only model that has worked really really well.

Are you earning Enough Ad revenue from your websites?

If there is so much money to be made in online advertising, You might be then wondering why your website is still struggling? Does your site attract high volume traffic and is of high quality? Is your site reaching the target audience?

Advertising will give a major boost to your website if it is attracting high traffic for relevant high-quality content. In case of advertisements, will site visitors click on an ad if it isn’t relevant to them? Click rates for display Ad campaigns average only 0.1%, which means that only one in a thousand Ads in a campaign is clicked.

Hence knowing the target audience and their mindset is important for advertisers for ad creation. Did you know that over 70% of marketers fail to target consumers with behavioural data? (Source: Imagine the potential revenue that would be generated if your advertisers were able to achieve greater conversion rates from these advertisements.

Key to Advertising for advertisers and the importance of visitors

Brand exposure and sales are the basic needs of every advertiser. But many times, the ads are rejected by the site visitors as they aren’t relevant to the site’s content and are also ineffective. Not to mention the placement of ads on a web page that will be a key thing for both visitors and advertisers alike.

Advertising model also needs to be considered by advertisers. Which type of advertising model are the advertisers using? If advertisers are using pay per click then they only need to pay when a user clicks on an ad. Another model is the traditional pay per impression model where advertisers pay for the number of times an ad is shown irrespective of whether the ad is clicked or not. Advertisers would want to get maximum views from relevant ads irrespective of the advertising model.

From a visitors perspective, ads need to be relevant as users would want the ad to be placed in a position that doesn’t disturb their reading experience but at the same time grabs their attention in case they want to click on the ad and are interested in knowing more about the same. 77% of consumers agree that they would prefer to filter an ad rather than completely blocking it. (Source: Visitors need to have an option to ignore or filter the ads. Nowadays user engagement and their feedback are of utmost importance for small as well as large businesses alike.

Advertising from a site owner’s perspective

The recent trends have indicated a big emphasis on online advertising as compared to offline advertising due to many newspapers having their own online editions and a gradual shift of people moving from reading physical newspapers to online newspapers through various devices.

As a site owner, you want to provide a platform that attracts advertisers to your website so that they have the best possible experience and actually enjoy advertising on your site. You would also want to think about all the possible ways of displaying an ad on your website. As a site owner, you want to keep both site advertisers and visitors happy as advertisements are an effective way of connecting with the masses. Thus, stepping into the shoes of an advertiser and visitor is important for a site owner.

Why is SocialAds the best advertising solution?

Won’t it be great if you have a powerful scalable advertising solution that takes all these things into consideration and gives your site advertisers the best ROI from advertising on your website? Then look no further as SocialAds with its easy to use Ad Designer, super flexible targeting options and quick checkout flow will ensure that your Advertisers can generate some serious revenue. A lot of extensive research has been done while designing SocialAds.

Key features of SocialAds

  • Simple and quick installation
  • Flexible multiple targeting options
  • Flexible ad display options using customisable zones and ad layouts
  • Multiple revenue models like pre-pay and pay per ad
  • Integrations with social networking extensions like JomSocial, CB etc
  • Supports multiple types of ads like text ads, video ads etc
  • Budget-friendly wallet mode that supports pay per click and pay per impression
  • Supports multiple payment gateways
  • Advertiser’s dashboard

Advertisers thus can power their businesses and tap into unexplored possibilities.

For detailed features-

For SocialAds demo-

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