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Shika 1.2.10 released with GDPR compliance


A new version of our Learning Management System for Joomla is out. Shika 1.2.10 has been released with a small change needed for better GDPR compliance. We have added a new field "Term and conditions" on payment(order) page that the user would need to accept before proceeding with the payment for the “Paid Courses”. Besides this, we have added a new course filter for LMS-filter module that would be displayed for courses at the frontend. Go through Shika 1.2 release notes and instructions in case you are updating Shika 1.2.10 directly from Shika 1.1.x. Do take a look at the release notes before upgrading to the latest version.

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Read on for the complete list of features and detailed changelog

Shika compliance with GDPR legislation

Similar to our other extensions, we have made Shika compliant with GDPR in this new release. According to GDPR legislation, we have made a change in our extension. We have added a new field "Term and conditions" on payment(order) page that the user would need to accept before proceeding with the payment in case of “Paid Courses’.

“Show course status filter” for LMS-Filter module

In this release, we have added a new filter named “Show course status” for LMS-Filter module for all courses. The users can now have a clear idea about the courses they have enrolled, the courses they have completed and the courses that are incomplete.


Bugs Fixed:

#130642 changed extension for log file from .php to .log.

#130489 Category report conflicting with JTicketing category report

#130093 Reports>>User Report>>Mismatch in data for enrolled courses, incomplete courses, pending enrolment on Dashboard and user report.

#129936 Frontend>>Dashboard>>My Activities>>Activity for recommendation is not getting displayed.

#129875 Frontend>>Change the message "1 user successfully enrolled for the course" to "You have successfully enrolled for the course"

#129767 Front panel>>Courses>>List view>> courses name ellipsis not works.

#129765 Front panel>>Courses>>List view>> like and enrolled icon should be placed in the better way.

#129431 Backend>>Components>>Shika>>Remove the 'Single course report' from the menu.

#128494 Front end>>Change 'Set' to 'Update" while updating goal.

#128470 Courses>> On lesson page for the event as lesson >> notice on top should be center aligned.


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