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Quick2Cart 2.5 lets you do more with your Online Shopping Store!

Quick2Cart 2.5 lets you do more with your Online Shopping Store!

I was surfing the web and stumbled upon an article saying,  85% of world's population shops online. Really?!? This made me think that if you own (or want to start) an online shopping portal it needs to be user friendly and at the same time easy for the Store owner as well.

With Quick2Cart 2.5 we’re introducing some cool new features which makes this extension so flexible that you can mould it perfectly the way you want. You want to start an Online Fashion Store? You want to sell Electronic Gadgets Online? Food, Cosmetics anything. Quick2cart 2.5 makes you do all that stuff with ease. People who are new to Quick2Cart can get to know about it. Rest, let’s see... 

What’s new?

Stock Based Attributes

Introducing attribute based Inventory for Native product manager. With this you will be able to keep stocks of your products for attributes like Colors, sizes etc.

Faster Product Creation

With the use of Global attributes, product creation will be faster and easier. You can create products by having one stackable attribute for each product and maintain an inventory for it based on that attribute.

Easy Sorting

Now with advanced filtering sorting can be easily done based on the colors and sizes (whichever attributes you create) of the products.

Note: This feature is only for Native Product Manager

Fixed Height Pin Layout

Simple, Clean and segregated Pin layouts with fixed pin height. Set your pin height from backend and you’re all set. 

Category Based Sorting

Sort products based on categories and prices, featured products, latest products, all products etc.

Keep your store logo

Your store, your logo. Have the liberty to keep the branding consistent on all the store pages.

Sale and Discount will now be shown on all pages

Make sure that not a single potential customer of your misses the deal which you're offering. Show your deals on all the product pages.


Renew before your subscription expires and get a special discount! 

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