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PDF Embed plugin v2.1 with Google Viewer and PDF.js support released

PDF Embed plugin v2.1 with Google Viewer and PDF.js support released

Hey All,

We got some good news for you! Our most popular Free Extension PDF Embed plugin (with 1 Lac+ downloads and counting) is here with exciting new features.

1. Google Viewer Support: This feature is offered by Google Docs. With this you can embed PDF files in a web page. And, the pretty part is - you don't have to be upload PDF files to Google Docs, but those files need to be available online somewhere.

2. PDF.js Support: It is a community-driven Portable Document Format (PDF) viewer that is built with HTML5 and supported by Mozilla Labs. It is a general-purpose, web standards-based platform for parsing and rendering PDFs.

3. Editor button plugin for embedding PDF files quickly using PDF Embed plugin.

See the entire changelog for v2.1 below.

v2.1 Changelog

Features Added (3):
+ #41140 Editor-xtd plugin for pdf-embed
+ #41122 Add pdf.js viewer support
+ #41120 Add Google Viewer support

Bugs Fixed (2):
- #44527 Error opening PDFs on Safari browser(Ipad) (Fixed: works with Google viewer & pdfjs viewer)
- #31001 Error rendering PDF on IE9 & IE10 (Fixed: works with Google viewer & pdfjs viewer)

Other Improvements (1):
^ #41138 PHPCS fixes

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