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JTicketing v1.5.3 released


Hi there,

We have released an update for JTicketing. This release v1.5.3 adds following changes. Quite a few bug fixes have been done and some useful improvements. 


Bug Fixes
31585 Compatible with Joomla 3.3.3
31584 Changes in jticketing to use new country and state. save country id and state id in jticketing_users
31583 Use new asseloader plugin

Features And Tasks
Changes in Mobile APP

NOTE: In our extension Quick2Cart 2.2 we have introduced country and region manager. This change affects JTicketing and JGive for good by improving the country and region manager for JTicketing and JGive. So, if you have already installed JGive, Quick2Cart then - In that case, you need to upgrade both JGive and Quick2Cart along with JTicketing to make everything run smoother.

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