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JMailAlerts 2.5.1 available now

We have released 2.5.1 version for our popular extension JMailAlerts. This release includes fixes for the bugs reported in version 2.5. We have also released updates for JMA K2 plugin(free plugin) & JMA DOCman plugin(paid plugin). Below is changelog for same.

JMailAlerts 2.5.1
Changelog -
- Bugs fixed:
#23347 Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /plugins/user/plug_usr_mailalert/plug_usr_mailalert.php on line 104
#23755 Mail sent to users even when subscriptions are deleted from backend
#23927 Subscription not deleted when a user is deleted form user manager backend

JMailAlerts - K2 - Latest Content - Plugin - v2.5.1
Changelog -
- Bugs Fixed:
#23353 SEF URLs in the emails are incorrect and redirect to home page

JMailAlerts - Docman - Latest Docs - Plugin - v2.5.1
- Bugs Fixed:
#23828 - Docman plugin not working for joomla 3.2

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