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J!MailAlerts 2.0 is out with user configurable plugins, & much more !

After a long wait & a lot of user feedback, we are very pleased to announce the release of J!MailAlerts 2.0 ! This is one power packed release that will lay the path for many more exciting possibilities ! The release comes with many amazing features like :

  • User Configurable Plugins
  • Customizable Plugin Views
  • Emogrifier Integration
  • Support for Daily Alerts

For details of these features, click on read more .

We have also released a 2 new free plugins. These are :

  • SOBI2 Listings Plugin
  • K2 Content Plugin

Also there are updates to all old plugins to fix some bugs & add features. See All free plugins here.

The JomSocial Plugin Pack for J!MailAlerts now has 2 new plugins too ! Buy the Plugin pack today !

  • JomSocial Events Plugins for J!MailAlerts
  • JomSocial Pending connections for J!MailAlerts

Subscribers with Active support subscriptions can download it immediately. Note that you must upgrade the component to 2.0 before upgrading the plugins. Please read on for full details of features, change log & upgrade instructions.

Note : The Core J!MailAlerts extension is free &  Free Support for this extension is available via community Forums. If you need Fast & professional support, Please consider buying a Support Subscription here.

New in 2.0

User configurable Plugins

Now users can configure each plugin as they please ! Front end user params now available which means each user can customize the output of each plugin. For example ,  In the Network Suggest plugin for JomSocial, The user can chose how many users should the alert contain & should it use match making or not . The Latest News Plugin allows each user to chose which section or category he or she wants to receive updates from. All our plugins are now configurable in this way !  This powerful new framework for plugins will now make way to some of the super configurable plugins many of you have been asking us for. Plus the API documentation for this as well as tutorials shall be published for you to create your own plugins by the 2nd week of December.

Plugins views customizable

Plugins now have a view that you can override via your template or customize to make it look the way you want. Each plugin comes with a default.php file & a css file which will allow you to customize it all you want !

Emogrifier comes to J!MailAlerts

We are now using emogrifier to preprocess all emails before sending them on their way. Emogrifier is a cool tool that converts css includes into inline CSS which are supported by major email clients including gmail. This means your emails can look prettier with even less effort for you. You can now use included css in your email designs or in plugins & emogrifier will make it all inline before sending it on its way.

How to Upgrade ?

Those of you running Ver 1.2 should be able to install the component & plugins over your old ones upgrade your installation. There are no database structure changes in this release. Old plugins are not compatible with the J!MailAlerts 2.0 release. Please upgrade the component as well as the plugins.

Note that your old config settings & Email template shall be overridden. So make sure you make a backup of the same.

We also recommend that you run the 'Sync' again from the backend & chose the override current settings of users option. So that user's settings are compatible with the new version.

Full Change Log

- 0001053: [Admin] K2 Plugin (dipti_j) - resolved.
- 0000891: [JomSocial Group Updates] Description for groups plugin same as for video plugin (dipti_j) - resolved.
- 0000849: [Plugins] Jomsocial events plugin (dipti_j) - resolved.
- 0000836: [Admin] Show number of users processed in Cron output page (dipti_j) - resolved.
- 0001089: [Plugins] Bug in lionk generated by Kunena (dipti_j) - resolved.
- 0001062: [Plugins] JomSocial My Group Activity Plugin (dipti_j) - resolved.
- 0001061: [Plugins] Revamp all plugins to new structure (dipti_j) - resolved.
- 0001097: [Plugins] JomSocial Lib included in Eventlist plugin ! (dipti_j) - resolved.
- 0001060: [Plugins] Group Jive Latest Groups Plugin (dipti_j) - resolved.
- 0000507: [Admin] Preview Template (dipti_j) - resolved.
- 0001055: [Plugins] JomSocial Suggest plugin modification (dipti_j) - resolved.
- 0001019: [Admin] Use [^] for CSS issues (dipti_j) - resolved.
- 0000850: [Frontend] daily alerts (dipti_j) - resolved.
- 0001067: [Plugins] Latest Groups in JomSocial let user select group categories (dipti_j) - resolved.
- 0001066: [Plugins] Make select list for categories (dipti_j) - resolved.
- 0000613: [General] Plugin for SOBI (dipti_j) - resolved.
- 0001098: [Plugins] JomSocial Lib included in Eventlist plugin ! (dipti_j) - resolved.

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