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Invitex 2.9 Beta is out for testing


Hello Guys,

We are pleased  to announce  release of   Invitex_2.9_Beta. Note that This is just Beta so Install it on your test site only. Do not install it on live site. We have introduced quite a few new features in this release. Also a lot of bugs are fixed. The beta is available to all subscribers in the Downloads section. 


 #28431  Use Improved layout for (gmail like) contact for name and email.
 #28480: Clickatell sms support and also added backend template for sms integration.
 #31917: Easysocial app for Event,Group,Profile Invitex.
 #32004: Include Easysocial toolbar in invitex view. Also override easysocial Invite by Ivitex Invitation.
 #32465 New Dashboard improvement in backend to show data invitations.
 #32466 Invite Stats report in Backend. 

Bug Fixes

#32006 The email providers name should be proper -Frontend
#31403 Not working with JFBconnect when login first it doesn't work l onloginuser trigger not working
#30497 Name Card doesn't show profile avatar
#32431 Automatic entry in unsubscribe list after inviting users
#30526 Domain validation config not work
#32419 frontend Stats - Filters not working properly

To know more about what we have in this release, please read on. Also included are installation and upgradation guides. Note that we have created a new Forum thread for those of you who wish to discuss this release or report issues with it. Please click here to visit the same.

 Installation and Upgradation Guide

Important note that This is just Beta so Install it on your test site only. Do not intsall it on live site

If you are installing for the first time

  1. Please install Invitex Package.
  2. After installation Click to Complete Invitation Config.
  3. Mainly Please Select Allowed Invitation Methods that you want.
  4.  For Social and Email Plugin Settings Click to set up Techjoomla API plugin.
  5.  We have assetloader plugin in Invitex which loads jquery and css. Please enable open it once and save it..
  6.  If you face any javascript issues. You can try different combinations in assetloader plugin and save it.

If you are upgrading from older version to latest version.

Note that We have removed config view from backend all the configurations are moved now to standard option in backend of Invitex. 

  1. After installation Click to complete invitation config.
  2. Please complete your configuration as per old settings and save it once again.
  3. We have assetloader pluigin in Invitex which loads jquery and css.
  4. Please enable open it once and save it. If you face any javascript issues.You can try different combinations in assetloader plugin and save it.

Easysocial Integration Guide:

If you need to integrate Invitex with Easysocial.
We have 4 different apps for Easysocial.
Now you can Invite people on Easysocial Group,Easysocial Event, Easysocial Profile.
For this in backend open Easysocial=>Apps You need to search 'invitex' You can see these 4 apps
 Event — Easysocial Invitex app to Invite For Event
 User — Easysocial Invitex app to Profile
 Group — Easysocial Invitex app For Group Invite
 User — Easysocial Invitex app
Now you need to enable these apps from frontend

Stay Informed

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