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Let's Collaborate


Joomla as we all know was derived from the Swahili word which means 'All together' . Being part of the Joomla community, its natural that extension developers come together & collaborate to build tight integrations between their products. Supporting each other's extension in a value add for both - the extension developers as well as customers who will get more tightly integrated products reducing the efforts on their end.


In order to accelerateintegration of our products with other extension developers, we are doing a concentrated effort to reach out to other popular extension developers to come together & do integrations with our products. We are looking at setting aside some development time every 2 months where we will have a 'Featured Partner' promotion & we will work with the partner to tightly integrate our extensions together. We hope to integrate in this way with 4-6 new partners this year. 

How Do Partner, What to Integrate & How ? 

All our extensions have extensive developer APIs & plugin hooks which means integrating need not be a lot of work at all ! Integrations could also be as easy as writing a plugin for your own extension for J!MailAlerts for digest emails or doing a promotion plugin for SocialAds which allows users to quickly create ads for your extension. Our Broadcast extension also supports a 'Add to Stream' API that any extension can call in order to schedule a push to Social Networks. These are just a few examples ! Contact us & lets work together to extend our horizons !

How can template developers Integrate ? 

We have several extensions that could do with some UI love. Several of our extensions like Quick2Cart, JTicketing, JGive can be integrated tightly in templates focussed on ECommerce, Events & Non Profits respectively. 

We also have several extensions that do emails like Invitex, J!MailAlerts, Email Beautifier. We are looking to partner with template clubs who can package email templates with their own templates supporting our extensions. 

Interested ? 

If you are interested, do drop us an email on  [email protected]

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