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Keep Calm and Meditate, the Joomla will happen !

Hey #Joomla ! How's everything going ? 

Joomla is a community project with lots of people & lots of opinions. So a few fights now & then are not uncommon - especially when everyone is so passionate about their love - Joomla !  If Joomla is anything its Passion. At the same time Joomla is about people, about friendships (yes and about beer). So passionate discussions are all fine . Its the Passion that keeps the project alive . There's a simple solution to such fights usually. So how about we all keep calm & meditate a little bit ? Introspect ? 

Joomla is a big project with many directions & decisions to make. We need a sustainable way to make them. Fighting a lot wont help. A little is needed though ! 

Lets all keep calm & meditate. The Joomla will happen !


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