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Next BIG thing in Smartphone & Desktop Apps is here! “AppCarvers”

Next BIG thing in Smartphone & Desktop Apps is here! “AppCarvers”

Techjoomla has been a platform for sales and support for apps developed by our sister concern AppCarvers (formerly called Apptitude) till now. We have released quite a few apps to date. Notably the EasySocial App, the Easyblog app and of course the Event Manager app for our very own JTicketing are some of the releases that we have made and are improving so far. 

AppCarvers and Techjoomla are both brands under our parent company Tekdi Technologies. While Techjoomla was born back in 2009, AppCarvers came around 2011 (then called apptitude). Initially we had only focused on providing Application development services and had some of our own products (Reportoise being the first). Getting into Joomla based product was a natural expansion for us and Techjoomla became the platform for those apps. 

However as the activity around AppCarvers has been growing with your love and awesome response its becoming difficult for us to handle the support, development of the apps on one platform at Techjoomla. Keeping our efficiency and customer satisfaction in mind, we thought of having a dedicated independent platform for it. Thus, AppCarvers was born. is a separate business we have launched only for smartphone, desktop and HTML5 Applications.

What’s new?

  • Dedicated Development team focused on apps which will ensure that you guys get better quality products and timely updates! 
  • Developer Support. Once you order, you’ll be surprised to see that the chef himself is going to serve you at the table. So, immediate action will be taken on your problems.
  • Separate Accounts, Purchases, Tickets. All the Existing users have been migrated to the new site with their purchases and new support tickets will also be opened.

What’s old?

The AppCarvers team will work with the same integration and involvement with the Techjoomla team and the Joomla community and keep churning out awesome products and features for you.  We will follow the same Open Source principles and licensing that we hold dear to our heart and set us apart!

 So head over to and let us know if you like the site. We’ve also posted an update on the development progress of jUnite v3. We hope to keep receiving your love whether its at Techjoomla, AppCarvers or Tekdi!

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