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Celebrate Holi with Techjoomla!

Celebrate Holi with Techjoomla!

Holi is celebrated in Spring with lots of colors and is also called as festival of colors or the festival of love. It is an ancient Hindu festival which has become popular and is celebrated widely throughout the non-Hindu communities as well in the South Asia.

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This festival originated in India and is also celebrated in Nepal. some parts of Europe and North America as well. Holi is celebrated at the approach of vernal equinox, on the Phalguna Purnima (Full Moon). The festival date varies every year, as per the Hindu calendar and typically comes in March, sometimes February in the Gregorian Calendar.

Holi symbolizes many things such as victory of good over evil, arrival of summer, repair ruptured relationships by playing with colors. So, let’s celebrate holi this year with Techjoomla! 

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