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Bug Fix releases for Invitex, SocialAds, Broadcast, J!MailAlerts & Happy Diwali !

Greetings & a Very Happy Diwali to you & your Family !
Diwali, the festival of lights & one of the most important festivals in India is upon us. Please note that our offices shall be closed from 24th to 30th October as our staff leave to celebrate with their families. Support shall also be closed during this period . In order to make it easy for you take care of any issues you might have in this period & cause minimum inconvinience to you if any at all, we have setup some Self Help resources for you.

The use of these has been explained below.

1. Read up on the Documentation
All the Documentation has been updated to the latest versions. So make sure you configure the extensions accordingly.

2. Read the FAQs & How to Debug Documents where available
FAQs contain the most commonly asked questions, most common issues & their resolutions.
The "How to Debug" Documents where applicable detailed instructions on how to find the cause & solution to your problems. In some cases, this content might be part of the normal FAQs only. In case of API plugins for Invitex & Broascast, make sure you read the specific documentation about them if you have issues.

3. Make sure you are using the latest versions !
We have released bug fix versions for SocialAds, Broadcast , Invitex & J!MailAlerts to solve some small bugs that were reported since the last release. Make sure you are using the latest versions.

We shall be back on the 31st of October ! Thank you for Understanding .
DIWALI10 : 10% off on all our extensions this Diwali !

We have bug fix releases for Broadcast, SocialAds,Invitex & J!MailAlerts released.

Broadcast 1.0.2

Features Added & Bugs Fixed

  • Added selection of API in the backend  view.
  • Major fixes
  • Module not seen in Joomla 1.7
  • UTF8 language support
  • Incorrect token feteched when the cron job runs

SocialAds 2.6.1


Features Added & Bugs Fixed

  • User data not fetched  when user logged into the site.
  • JavaScript braks if langauge string contains apostrophe.
  • Charts display distorted in IE 8
  • optgroup issue for Joomla 1.7 fixed
  • And a few minor bug fixes done, check the change log

Invitex 2.2.2


Features Added & Bugs Fixed

  • Front page layout is breking in some cases..
  • Template breaks when contacts are imported using APIs..

J!MailAlerts 2.4.2 Stable version with Alert Types Support


Features Added & Bugs Fixed

  • Alert Types now stable. Know more about Alert types here.
  • Bug #8708 Plugin CSS skipped in some cases
  • Bug #8707 Warning shown after creating a new alert type when no plugins are installed.
  • Bug #8500 J!MailAlerts User - Registration plugin not working in some cases throwing 500 error
  • Bug #8118 Can not edit/change plugin name shown in frontend in joomla 1.7 or greater

Note that all the plugins with version 2.4.1 will work with this version 2.4.2

Please read on for detailed changelogs.

SocialAds Change Log
Task #8011: zone pricing was not accurate when buying more credits
Task #8016: Pricing was not accurate while editing ad.
Bug #8024: amt not rounded if coupon is applied
Bug #8025: changes in adsummary for zero payment if coupon applied
Bug #8069: targeting plguin warning in ad display
Bug #8100: error for targeting plugin in Joomla 1.7
Bug #8126: create ad link not seen if (visible to visitors) is set to No
Bug #8127: short tag used in module tmpl file
Bug #8132: error when payment through Alpha user points
Bug #8186: short tags used in build ad view
Bug #8187: line charts are not displayed properly in IE8
Bug #8400: user data not fetched when user is logged in
Bug #8634: issue with optgroup in the promote list drop down in J!1.7
Bug #8709: code breaking if apostrophe exists in lang string

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