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The Joomla Speak! In Conversation with Henry Nguyen

The Joomla Speak! In Conversation with Henry Nguyen

After Sarah Watz’s interview, this week we’re in talks with Henry Nguyen in The Joomla Speak Series, who started as a developer in 2003 and now is the Chief Technical Officer of, one of the most favorite template provider for Joomla!

Henry has been working with PHP and open source project since 2004. Joining JoomlaShine team as CTO since 2008 and focus on building infrastructure system for JoomlaShine.

Skillful with PHP, MySQL, Apache, Nginx, Cloud technology... Currently involved in many of JoomlaShine projects and focus on building Joomla Community, he has strong belief in the development of Joomla project.

What's your Joomla story? How did you get introduced?

I've worked with Joomla since 2009, when joining the JoomlaShine team since the beginning of time. At first I worked as the team leader of the extensions team but now I am manage the whole JoomlaShine team to produce hi-quality templates and easy to use extensions for Joomla.

You have built a good business around Joomla. What made you choose Joomla?

We've have been working with Web development since 2003 and on searching for a good CMS to build website, we found Mambo. By that time, there were not much templates and extensions for Mambo, so we decided to build first template and a slideshow extension. When Joomla was born, we were ready with our Joomla template JSN Epic and continue to create more products.

Tell us 3 things that you love about Joomla

- Flexible CMS with separated extension: template, component, module...

- Great community which contributes and builds products for Joomla.

- Users can search for templates from many Joomla templates provider and extensions from JED.

What’s your take on the Joomla Community?

Pure open source community with great volunteer spirit. Joomla contributors and users are around the world which creates the non-border community. Joomla community are active to share and contribute to Joomla activities.

What in your opinion is Joomla’s Niche? Is it one or are there Many? In other words, what’s Joomla‘s Market?

Joomla Market is for personal and business website which needs a stable and expandable CMS. Users can use Joomla in a very easy manner, and can have the way to get template or extension without searching through the internet.

Where do you see Joomla going in the next 10 years? If it was up to you where would you take it?

A web platform to create website and provide services for other clients (mobile, wearable devices...) An active community of Joomla Users and Contributors who joins to make it better

Your one line message to the Joomla Community on account of Joomla’s Birthday

Joomla is still one of the best open source platform that serves millions of users, our responsibility is to make it better and spread the Joomla open source spirit to more people.

Yes, rightly said it is our responsibility to make it better. And I am sure that we can make it to wearable devices in the next 10 years, because Joomla has already started entering the Mobile market with responsiveness in template and extensions and also with Enthusiastic application developers like AppCarvers. Thank you Henry for your time and it was nice talking to you!

Guys, Henry will be attending Joomla World Conference, get a chance to meet him. Have a look at some exciting offers for JWC 15. See you again next week!

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