I was trying for days to find a reliable chat extension for my Joomla! website. I desided to buy JBolo (although there is not any kind of demo or trial, out there!?!) because of this site (Joomla! Extensions Directory) What I mean? I saw the reviews here and I felt safe because of JBolo owner's replies. I realized that he was caring about his reputation. So if JBolo was worthless I should "punished" him with a bad review. And, unluckily, a wrong happened! I had to wait 24 hours to be able to download JBolo, after I purchased with my credit card! I convinced myself to wait until the day after. After I installed JBolo, I understood that my choice was excellent! But what, that impressed me was the fantastic support!!! Thank all of you guys (JBolo's team, people who did a review here and ofcourse Joomla! Extensions Directory).