J!MailAlerts is an automated periodic Email Alerts system. It supports sending any kind of content extensible via plugins. This subscriptions lists the various commercially supported J!MailAlerts extensions available at Techjoomla. Also it avails you Commercial support for JMailAlerts.

Please note that for these extensions to work, you need the core J!MailAlerts Extension which is available for free in our Free Extensions Area.

The Support subscription entitles you to support as well as access to updates for the product during this period. You can install the product on as many sites as you want, but support will be provided for one domain only. You can keep using the product on your site for life but updates can only be accessed in the subscription period. Please See FAQs for details about the subscription.

This subscription includes the following:

  • Commercial Support for JMailAlerts
  • Community Builder Plugin Pack for JMailAlerts
  • Easy Social plugin Pack for JMailAlerts
  • JomSocial Plugins for JMailAlerts
  • Other Paid Plugins for JMailAlerts
    • Docman Plugin for JMailAlerts 
    • Easyblog Plugin for JMailAlerts
    • Mosets Tree Plugin for JMailAlerts


 Features Overview


Commercial Support for JMailAlerts

Commercial Support for JMailAlerts core component and any of its plugins will be availed to you.

JomSocial Plugins for JMailAlerts

Following JomSocial plugins are available under this:
1. JomSocial - People You may know!
2. JomSocial - Pending Connections
3. JomSocial - Network Suggest
4. JomSocial - Latest Events
5. JomSocial - Latest Messages
6. JomSocial - Latest Photos
7. JomSocial - Latest Videos
8. JomSocial - Latest Groups
9. JomSocial - Groups Activity
These are must have plugins for all Jomsocial Sites out there.

EasySocial Plugins for JMailAlerts

Which includes following plugins:
1. EasySocial - Latest Messages
2. EasySocial - Latest Photos
3. EasySocial - Pending Connections

Community Builder Plugin Pack for JMailAlerts

Following CB plugins are available under this:
1. Community Builder - People You may know!
2. Community Builder - Pending Connections
3. Community Builder - Network Suggest
A Must have for all CB Sites out there.

Other Paid Plugins for JMailAlerts

This includes -
1. Docman Plugin for JMailAlerts
2. Easyblog Plugin for JMailAlerts
3. Mosets Tree Plugin for JMailAlerts

DocMan - the most popular document management system for Joomla,
Mosets Tree - the Directory system that the JED runs on,
EasyBlog - An amazing blogging system for Joomla

All Plugins support user Preferences & allow them to set Number of Alerts & Categories that they wish to receive Alerts About.

  Pricing Plans

The Subscription gives you access to product updates and support on one domain for the period of the subscription. Know more about our Subscription Policy.

 Select a subscription plan

J!MailAlerts Support Subscription + Commercial Plugins + 12 Months Subscription
J!MailAlerts Support Subscription + Commercial Plugins + 6 Months Subscription
J!MailAlerts 12 months Support & Subscription for Unlimited Domains + Commercial Plugins
All subscription plans are backed by risk-free 30-day money back guarantee. Check our Refund Policy.


Latest Version

2.5.1 Stable

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Joomla Compatibility

2.5 3.x

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