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Product Pricing: Are You Killing The Golden Goose? - Blog 1 - Earn With Joomla Blog Series from Techjoomla

A singular story in the Aesop’s Fable series has always captured my imagination, right from my childhood days.

The story goes like -- a peasant had an enchanted goose with a magical ability to lay a single Golden Egg each day. One day the ignorant peasant overcome by greed, ripped open the belly of his goose to get hold of all the eggs at once in a single day. He did not gain anything but lost everything -- his goose was gone and so was the daily production of a golden egg.


Peasant with his Goose

In that vein I would like to ask you , "Are you KILLING THE GOLDEN GOOSE When Pricing your Products ?” You have to be very conscious when it comes to decide the pricing of your own, beloved, incredible and perfect product developed after a lot of hardship. It costs a million to you, but nil to customers until it's worth them.

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