Wednesday, 25 November 2015
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I switched all my settings to AWS bucket and used correct credentials, added video file wasn't put in my bucket. Also seems to load locally. And when I go to play it in the front end it's empty....

We don't have the storage space to use anything but amazon s3. Are there any logs to review file uploads, s3 transfers, and etc. to figure this out? Says uploaded successfully, but hitting save and close takes forever to finalize lesson, just shows loader indicator for an extremely long amount of time and it's a 10MB sample file only.

Tested with local video too turning amazon s3 off and I have same issues, says uploaded fine, processed fine, saved course, but it's empty on the front end when I go to the course lesson content and same with preview in admin side. Doesn't let me upload videos at all.

Also, are video urls protected both locally and using s3? S3 has built in obfuscation and expiry, their API supports secure urls. Locally it would be ideal if it hid the url somehow the sameway using a php script. This is ideal for many reasons like anti-leaching, and not giving out a static url of where to find video content so it can be easily bypassed and shared, the methods I mention generate unique urls each time and are only valid for a certain period of time.