Tuesday, 19 June 2012
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suppose I have 4 Article categories: A, B, C
in the J!MailAlert Latest News plugin I have selected all of them to to be displayed on the alert.

Now I add a fourth category: D
I change the J!Mailalert Latest News plugin and select A, B, C, D

The user will not receive articles in category D because only A,B,C is stored in his user preferences....

Now I can use the sync functionality: I enable 'Save the values irrespective of values of user'

The user setting are now changed to hold categories A,B,C,D >> this is good..... but.....

Also the frequency for the users is changed back to default :S

It would be very useful if the frequency sync could be toggled: yes or no.
I do want to sync the contents of the alert, but retain the user selected frequency.

Does this make sense?