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  1. Gamal
  2. JTicketing
  3. Monday, 23 November 2020
Hi there,

I am a slightly confused via the instruction provided in establishing a custom field in Easysocial’s v3.2.18 component. Tech Joomla instructed:

Open Backend=>easysocial=>Custom Fields=>Workflows=>Event Workflow=>Click on “+”=>Standard=>Create ticket type.

However, I am a bit confused on the correct field to be chosen. The available fields are: Boolean, Checkboxes, Datetime, Dropdown,
Email, File, Header, Headline, Html, Multi Dropdown, Multilist, Multi Textbox, Numeric, Separator, Text, Textarea, Textbox, URL.
Hopefully, with such assistance I can finally see the option for user to sell tickets and so on via the easysocial event form? Many thanks in advance.
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