Monday, 22 December 2014
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Hello Early Adopters !

I want to take this opportunity for thanking you for getting on board with us at this stage and giving some immense and helpful feedback that is slowly making Shika better than ever ! You have given us some extremely useful feedback and inputs and though everything wont get done immediately, its all gone into our tracker which will form the base for the upcoming releases.

For the last month since we introduced the Early adopter releases, the team has been working hard on completing the features planned for v1.0 as well as some features from your suggestions that we have managed to squeeze in. We have been fixing critical errors as they come but the focus has been more on features so far as well as rewriting some of the features we did very early to make things more scalable. For instance we have completely rewritten how we handle lesson types by creating an new underlying plugin architecture now allowing us as well as 3rd Party developers to introduce new lesson types. Think Google Hangouts or maybe a SlideShare as lesson content !

All this time we have been testing Shika extensively internally and Aasim who has been leading the effort has been logging bug after bug into our tracker. All the bugs you have reported have also gone in there. Lately he's been complaining that the dev's arent spending much time in fixing the bugs and taking Shika towards a stable release.

So we have now put a feature freeze for v1.0 and now all hands will be on deck for fixing bugs and more bugs !

Keep testing and reporting. We will have a stable release coming your way pretty soon now !!