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  3. Monday, 23 November 2020
In this problem consider the donor PayPal account to be A and the campaign PayPal accoun to be C.

With JGive, when a donor A gives money and pays by PayPal (the only option), the site sends admin and the donor the acknowledgement showing a Pending transaction.

At Paypal, the payment goes through fine and after a pause, Paypal returns the donor to the JGive site but the donation remains as pending even though the funds are transferred to C.

The JGIve return screen states "It may take some time to confirm the order. Don't worry, we'll email you once your order is confirmed." and under this is a button "Complete Donation".

See attached image.

When pressing this button, the donor returns to Paypal and can accidentally pay again if not alert! Even if the donor DOES pay again, the return page is the same.

I enabled PayPal logging but can see no log files anywhere!

It would imply that I have to manually confirm payments! No setting to enable this anywhere to be found!

I compared configurations with a known working JGive site that I run and all settings are identical so this led me to consider a difference in the PayPal account settings, so I changed the paypal accounts as follows:

Donor account B, campaign account C

Results : identical

What reason might this be that no matter what happens at PayPal, the status never updates to confirmed?

This is quite urgent, we go live in a week! Can you help?

I've provided admin details for the moderator. If you wish to test, I have created a £1 Giveback (Tier) for low cost testing.

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