Wednesday, 23 January 2013
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Current Kunena, current J!MailAlerts.

Configured and tested as per other posts on this forum:

-configure kunena plugin
-add required tags in email template.
-perform a sync operation once
-Set "respect last email date" to "no" for now.
-then add new content
-try simulating for userid other than creator of content.

Simulation and cron both find eligible users but no Kunena new posts.

I have confirmed that the Kunena plugin is being run.
It is hitting line 95, with the correct "lasttime" value (no user session branch).
The main query (starting on line 106 $qry) is not returning any data.

Actual query is:
SELECT q.maxid AS id, m.time, m.thread, n.hits, q.countid AS `count`, m.subject, m.userid,, m.catid, q.catname, t.message , (m.time > 1358646528) AS unread FROM (SELECT max( AS maxid, count( AS countid, AS catname FROM #__kunena_messages AS m JOIN #__kunena_categories as c ON m.catid = WHERE c.published = 1 AND m.hold = 0 AND m.moved = 0 GROUP BY m.thread ORDER BY maxid DESC LIMIT 5) AS q JOIN #__kunena_messages AS m ON q.maxid = JOIN #__kunena_messages AS n ON m.thread = JOIN #__kunena_messages_text AS t ON q.maxid = t.mesid WHERE m.catid = 1

I have not had time to check the actual database data - but it still feels like the Kenuna schema has changed?

I tried removing the where clauses for date and published/hold/move and still no data is returned. This should have yielded all posts on the forum?