Saturday, 07 November 2015
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Hello there,

I have been following the development of jTicketing closely for the past few months and, although it is quite an interesting software, still there is a deal breaker for me that is preventing me from using it. I'd be interested to go not only for jTicketing but also for the customized Event Management App from App Carvers, but I need the software to support different currencies.

That means Event A can sell tickets in USD, Event B in GBP and Event C in EUR, for example. That also means Payment plugins need to be able to be duplicated and assigned independently to each event. For example, the Paypal payment plugin can be duplicated 3 times and each version will be configured to take payments in a different currency (i.e: USD,GBP and EUR) and then I can link them with different events -> USD Paypal Plugin to Event A, GBP Paypal plugin to Event B and EUR Paypal Plugin to Event C, as an example.

Is there anybody out there also interested in this?

How close or far away is the JTicketing development from these features?