Friday, 02 December 2016
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I just updated to 1.8.6

I may have found an bug with the Unlimited Seating field.

By default when I bring up the page create the event it shows the ticket name, description, display, price and Ticket Availability is defaulted to "Limited Seats" and the "Number of Seats" text box is displaying.

If I set this to Unlimited Seats Available the Number of Seats text box disappears.

Which I believe this is correct...

BUT if I add another pricing option below that and set it to say 50 available seats

The only ticket pricing option that displays on the site for purchase is the second one set for 50 available seats.

If I go back in and try to edit it now the option for unlimited and limited have switched and it doesn't make sense...

Then I tried adding my first ticket to be limited number of seats to 10

My second ticket is set to be unlimited...

When I set the bottom (Second) ticket availability to unlimited the no of seats box on the second one didn't disappear, the top one did where I had the first ticket set to 10, even though it is set to limited seats.

I've included a screenshot to show you

I believe theres some conflict in the java script somewhere that needs to be reviewed and fixed

Your assistance with this would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!