Monday, 24 November 2014
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I'm starting to wonder if there's a conflict with this older Warp 6 template and Shika.

If I test the Vimeo video function, neither works properly. You can play the video, and it does remember where you left off if you come back, but there's no back option (you have to go back with your browser). I've attached a screen shot of what I see when I'm in the video lesson. It's huge, is missing something in the header, and has this icon that looks like an iMac with a powerpoint on the screen. If you click that, it just takes you to the home page of the site. If I check the page errors there are a bunch of "blocked frame with origin" errors that look to be called from a file named onloadwff.js.

I get a similar issue with the HTML lesson. No controls at the top, no way back and a weird blue/green icon that doesn't actually work (it looks like it's linking to /component/tjlms/# which doesn't exist).

I've attached various screen shots of the interface issues.