Saturday, 22 November 2014
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I came from moodle and am hoping to replace it with a native joomla component, but there's a lot still missing in Shika. Here's a short list of things I can't figure out:

#1 Ability to actually have an "instructor" for a course, not just the creator.
#2 Ability for the instructor to approve or grade things. In Moodle students can submit things, instructors can read their submissions and then grade them or mark them pass/fail with pass marking it as completed
#3 Ability for admins to enroll students. Shika seems to ONLY allow the course creator to enroll students, and there's no way from the back end to do that at all, so even admins can't enroll anyone at all.
#4 Ability to set up an ACL level for instructors so they can see and do some things, but not as much as admins
#5 Ability for instructors to be listed as an instructor but NOT have to enroll in the course to see course materials
#6 Completion system similar to Moodle. Moodle allows course assignments to be set up so students can manually check them off, or they get auto checked once a set of criteria are met. I don't see anything like that in Shika, and in my test, I can't even get a video assignment to get marked complete (it only shows how many times I watched the Vimeo video, and nothing more).

That's the short list. I can't find any of this, so I'm wondering if it's planned or if Shika is really made to be a "student works through the modules on their own and gets a certificate on their own with no instructor at all." If that's the case, then it really isn't a replacement for Moodle (yet).