Thursday, 03 March 2011
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I am a bit lost with the email formatting and would appreciate some help - I get a mix of fonts which I cannot resolve. I have the version 2.0.2 with the Latest News and the Event List plugins.

I choose a Font Family in my editor for the text I am adding - this works fine. By editing the CSS (mail_alert_style.css), I am also able to edit the font of the content.

My three problems:
a) I cannot change the font and size of the heading of each plugin. Where should I change these? I did not see anything in the heading of the CSS of the plugins.
b) How do I modify the line spacing in the Event List plugin? I tried the CSS of the plugin but it did not work.
c) How do I remove the bullet in front of each article in the Latest News plugin?

Thanks a lot!