Saturday, 27 February 2016
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I would like to submit the following feature requests and wondered if others (who use Jomsocial events) would also find them useful:

1. When booking e-tickets via Jomsocial with Jticketing, it would be good if visitors (who select the Register option to be able to choose the relevent Jomsocial profile. We currently have 4 profile types which include Individual and Organisation, and each has their own special views once logged in. Currently users are assigned the default Registered Joomla profile type, which makes a lot of work for us to assign the users afterwards to their correct groups.

2. The ability to switch off fields such as Address fields for the booking process (without requiring custom hacks)

3. The ability to hide the meta fields etc. without custom hacks i.e. asimple check button to disable

4. In the backend - orders - to display event and attendee name in the order list to make it easier to find a specific record

5. Ability to add more than one member as an event manager (in our team we have 4 staff who manage the bookings and attendees for a single event, currently only one of them can view all events. We cannot give Super User access to staff for security reasons

6. Ability to print a list of attendees with the QR code so that on day of event these can be scanned to checkin where an attendee has not presented their ticket

7. Ability to switch of the guest register, but still use the same quick book process (as we want all members to be auto registered using the same quick book process - so if we could somehow remove the Guest checkout checkbox for certain events would be good - i.e an extra level of control under the backend guest register process that says show Register and Sign in only

Kind regards