Tuesday, 24 August 2021
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I downloaded and installed Embed PDF, and activated it.

I made a new article, and added this to it:

Onder deze link vindt u de jaarrekening 2020 van de SEE, zoals deze door het bestuur is vastgesteld.

{pdf=media/pdf/jaarrekening 2020.pdf|500|300|native}

{pdf=media/pdfs/jaarrekening 2020.pdfs|500|300|native}

I did put the same file "jaarrekening 2020.pdf" in both the folder media.pdf and media/pdfs, because in
your doccumentation you are using the folder pdfs instead of pdf.

But the pdf is not shown when opening the page.

Is there an explanation? What do I do wrong?


Jan Kijlstra