Wednesday, 04 November 2015
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This is a bit of an odd question but I'm quite new to the extension. I have figured out most of the features which I plan to use and am now trying to work out how to do the odd bits and bobs which will make life easier. I am planning to use the mobile app which I now have working fine however I would also like to be able to print off the attendee list in a form which is easier to read. I was just wondering if there is a way to force jTicketing to only display the attendee name, ticket type and booking code in the csv file. I am only going to print this out so am happy to use any other add-on or method which would allow me to print this format directly from joomla.
I have attached a screenshot of how I would ideally like the format of the csv file / downloadable media to be.

Another problem I would really like to know how to or whether it is possible is to have multiple event managers. The main reason I need this is so that we can login to the app with a generic user account rather than my master account which has permission to edit the whole website and be able to check-in tickets which are contained on an event that I have made. Is this possible?

Thanks in advanced,