Tuesday, 24 June 2014
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I purchased a 6 months subscription for people suggest some time back, which expired in May 2014.
My website uses Joomla 3, Jomsocial 3 and I have around 12 000 members.

I was never able to use the People Suggest module because it killed the loading time of my website (from around 15 seconds without the module to around 3-4 minutes when it was activated. This was with only a single suggestion criteria being active.)
I raised a number of support tickets in this regards (see ticket 486 etc) but never received a satisfactory answer from yourselves.

How has this performance issue been addressed in the latest version? Has it been tested in a medium-to-large size community website where members have lots of friends?
For example, on my website, just like on Facebook, most users have 50+ friends. This means that a friends suggestion might need to analyse hundreds of thousands of database entries in order to make a valid suggestion.
Can you provide any performance indications about how People suggest will work in this type of environment.