Thursday, 10 September 2015
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I've added a new filed when a user order a tcket- Is possibel to add the value of this fileds on pdf ticket?

I can see there are these fileds

[NAME] Name of ticket buyer
[BOOKING_DATE] Date of Booking For Ticket
[EVENT_IMAGE] This is Event Image
[EVENT_NAME] Questo è il nome dell'Evento
[ST_DATE] This is Start Date of Event
[EN_DATE] This is End Date of Event
[EVENT_LOCATION] This is location of Event
[TICKET_ID] This is Ticket ID of Event
[TICKET_TYPE] Ticket Type set by Event Owner while creating events
[TICKET_PRICE] Questo è il prezzo per il biglietto
[TOTAL_PRICE] Questo è il prezzo totale
[NO_OF_ATTENDEES] This is no of attendees allowed for event
[EVENT_DESCRIPTION] Questa è la Descrizione dell'evento

How can i do to add another one?