Friday, 07 November 2014
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I'm getting the following error on my frontend after installing and configuring Invitex 2.9 per your Upgrade Guide. I used to have Invitex 2.8.7 installed, but I uninstalled it when it was causing errors in my JomSocial/PayPlans registration.

I have since uninstalled Invitex 2.9 because I have other things to work on on my site. Let me know and I can install it again so you can review the site with it installed.

Thanks, Eric

Unknown column 'e.unsubscribe' in 'where clause' SQL=SELECT as refid,e.guest,e.invitee_email,e.invitee_name,e.resend_count,e.inviter_id as id, as inviter_email, i.message, e.expires,i.invite_type,i.invite_url,i.invite_type_tag FROM jom_invitex_imports_emails AS e LEFT JOIN jom_invitex_imports AS i ON e.import_id = LEFT JOIN jom_users AS u ON i.inviter_id = WHERE i.message_type='email' AND e.unsubscribe=0 AND e.sent=0 OR e.resend=1