com_api is an extension that adds RESTful APIs to Joomla. APIs bridge a key gap in Joomla - being able to create Mobile apps and also create decoupled frontends using tools like AngularJS. These are of course the simplest use cases. You can build powerful integrations with other systems and automate a lot of your workflows with APIs. You can install com_api like any other extension, and extend it easily using the plugin system. Plugins already exist for articles, categories and users. Plugins also exist for some 3rd party extensions like Easysocial and Easyblog. It is easy to write your own plugin, in fact we encourage you to develop and share plugins for unsupported extensions. The com_api component and most plugins are available for free.

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3.0.2 Stable

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Joomla Compatibility

2.5 3.x

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