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SocialAds is an extremely powerful and scalable advertising solution which brings the best innovations in online advertising to the Joomla World. Leading Advertising systems like Google AdWords, Facebook and LinkedIn Ads as well various Ad networks have been researched while designing SocialAds.

With SocialAds, you can be set up in minutes! With a super intuitive Ad Designer, flexible targeting options and quick checkout flow ensures that your Advertisers have the best experience and actually enjoy advertising on your site; 

With extremely flexible Ad display options using customisable Zones and Ad Layouts, you can best utilize your Advertising real estate. AdsInEmail ensures Ads also reach to people who are not frequent site visitors. Remote Ad delivery lets you deliver Ads to any site!

SocialAds gives power to the Advertisers by letting them choose from an Array of Ad targeting options like Geolocation Targeting, Demographic or Social targeting as well as Keyword targeting - Thus greatly improving their ROI. Our extremely intuitive Ad Designer and detailed Ad performance Dashboards, as well as weekly emails, ensure your Advertisers are happy!

 SocialAds supports 2 awesome Revenue models. The traditional pay per Ad model with the ability to pay per click, per impression and per day OR with the ability to Pre Pay and run Ad campaigns on a per impression or per click mode till the balance runs out.

Be it a vanilla Joomla website, a large News Portal, full-blown Social Network or E-commerce store, SocialAds gets your Ads running in no time while you sit back and watch the cash flow in. Bootstrap 3 compatibility.

* Please note that SocialAds does not need any Social networking extension like JomSocial or CB to run. However, if you do have it, you can configure SocialAds to use the data for Demographic or Social Advertising.

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