Invitex EasySocial Integration

Invitex has a very tight integration with EasySocial & integrates on many levels. 

EasySocial Registration

Invitex provides a full viral invitation system that supports the EasySocial user registration. Users can invite other users to the EasySocial Social Network and get rewarded for sending invites as well as when the person invited joins.

Invitation as part of Registration

Users are Lazy & might not invite people unless prompted to do so. Invitation as part of registration & a suggestion to Invite Friends after login helps nudge users to invite more friends. 

Registration Only on Invitation

Make it exclusive ! Make it possible to register only if the end user has a valid Invitation. Exclusivity can help take your site to the next level !

Automatically add Invitees as friends

When you invite your friends & they sign up on the site, we connect them to you as friends automatically !

Find Friends on the site

As part of the Invitation process we check if any of the people you are inviting are on the site already & let you add them as friends Quickly just like Facebook !

Go Viral With Activity Stream Integrations

We push activities to the EasySocial Activity stream when a user Invites people & also when you find new friends with Invitex. 

Intelligent Suggestions with People Who have invited you Before

People who have invited you before is a Email widget which is sent with Invitation emails. If you have more people from the same site inviting you , you see their avatars in the Invitation email. All the more reason to sign up !

EasySocial Groups Integration - Invite people to join Groups !

With groups integration, you can invite your friends to join new groups on your EasySocial site. Since ES Groups is an invitation type, everything is super customisable. 

EasySocial Menu Bar Display 

Easily navigate between Invitex & EasySocial without knowing you are passing back & forth with the EasySocial Menu bar display

EasySocial Style UI 

Don't like the Native Invitex UI or feel it doesn't fit in ? Use our awesome EasySocial Style & make Invitex fit right in with your EasySocial Site !