Invitex Anywhere - Integration with Easysocial groups

Invitex EasySocial groups integration lets you tightly integrate Invitex to let users invite more people to their EasySocial Groups. In order to set it up correctly to work in a seamless way, please follow the documentation below.  Invitex support different types of invitations 'Easysocial Group' is one of them. 

easysocial group page

Configure the Invitex EasySocial Group 'Type'

Login to the Admin & go to Invitex -> Invitation Types. There Look for the EasySocial Groups type. Usually it will be the type of the ID '4' unless you deleted & recreated it. You can edit it & configure various settings like Invitation methods to allow, default text, template etc. In the type settings you should also see an area for the Invitation Widget.

We can Integrate Easysocial Groups In 2 ways you can use any one of it 

A) Using Override Methods (recommended)

Now that your type is setup, lets go & create a button that group members can see easily. For now, this has to be done via a template override. 

Steps to override the template-

1. Assuming you are using 'wireframe' template for Easysocial, locate and copy this file-


2. Paste copied file at location-


3. Open file from step 2 in a text editor

4. Comment out following Easysocial code on line number 62 in copied file. This code results in the native "Invite" button of Easysocial. If you do not want to hide it, you can keep it as it is.


<a class="btn btn-block btn-es btn-sm" href="javascript:void(0);" data-es-group-invite>
	<i class="ies-users"></i>



5. Then add Invitex Invite button code given below after the commented code.

<!-- Widget Code -->

$invite_url = urlencode(base64_encode($group->getPermalink()));
$name = $group->getName();
$link = "index.php?option=com_invitex&view=invites";
require_once JPATH_SITE . '/components/com_invitex/helper.php';
$this->invhelperObj = new cominvitexHelper();
$itemid = $this->invhelperObj->getItemId($link);
$link .= "&Itemid=".$itemid;
$link = JRoute::_($link);
$link .= strpos($link,'?')?"&catch_act=":"?catch_act=";
	<a class="btn btn-block btn-es btn-sm" href='<?php echo $link; ?>' data-es-group-invite> <i class="ies-users"></i> 

 NOTE:- Please check Invite Type Id for EasySocial Group Invitation from backend InviteX view (Invitation Types) and change the URL parameter "invite_type" accordingly (Check the $link variable in the PHP code given above). Generally, the "invite_type" is "4" for EasySocial Group Invitation.

 6. Save file.


B) Using Easysocial App (deprecated - don't use)

  • Enable Easysocial APP Open Backend=>Components=>Easysocial=>APPS Search for Invitex and Enable "Easysocial Invitex APP to Invite ¬†For Event"
  • Now each user needs to enable APP from frontend


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