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SocialAds 2.7.5 Release Schedule- Testers Needed :)

Hey Everyone ! Thanks a lot for your responses to SocialAds. Loved Geolocation ? What do you want next ?  With your interactions, it certainly added quite a bit to our Feature Requests ! We are now entering into an accelerated 3 step release cycle for SocialAds 2.7.5 planned as below. Once we have met with these Beta deliveries, we will try to push in a few more of the features you have requested before going to a stable release.

We love to hear from you. Its you our clients that keep us going  ! Do comment & let us know your feedback. Feel free to add any more things you want to see in future versions of SocialAds as well. We'll keep you updated via the Subscriber Connect Blog & Newsletter if you are subscribed as Updates happen . Stay Tuned !

Cheer us on as we try to get this release out really fast !  P.S. If you are using SocialAds & like it, do consider giving us a review on the JED . Your encouragement is the best Praise & helps drive us to be the best !

Beta 1, 20th April. Friday

  1. Affiliate Ads & Google Ad Sense support     
  2. Payment Slabs     
  3. Recurring Payments for     
  4. GIF animations support     
  5. Social Engagement for Ads - JBolo Chat Support, JomSocial Like , Facebook Like     

Beta 2, 24th Tuesday

  1. Promote Widget- Promote Anything Support
  2. Flash Banner Ads support     
  3. Load Payment Stuff via Ajax     
  4. Admin Ad Edit     

Beta 3, 2nd May

  1. Ability to Archive stats table to reduce load     
  2. Jreviews Plugin     
  3. Control Panel TO Do & Checklist     
  4. Settings, Cron & Misc Layout & Module changes    
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