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SocialAds 2.7.5 Beta 5 released

Hello All !
SocialAds has been going through some heavy development in the last few weeks & this release is sure to make your heart beat faster ! Do download the latest beta & take it for a test run & let us know your feedback !

Social SharingSocial Engagement & JBolo Integration

With this cool feature, users can now share your ad using Add This. JBolo Integration adds deeper engagement


Affiliate & Google AdsAffiliate Ad Support

Add some more punch to your site monetization by running Affiliate Ads alongside regular Ads. Support all kinds of Affiliate codes including Google Adsense. Animations Support for Image Ads

You are not stuck with plain old static images any more. Now you can add vibrant GIF animations to your Image/ Media Ads.



Video AdsMedia Ads - Support for Flash & Video Ads

Yes ! We now support Flash as well as a variety of video formats besides standard Image formats.



Payment Slabs

Define Day ranges to let people pay by the week or by the month Recurring payments

Use recurring payments to automatically bill clients on a set cycle.

Backend Ad Editing

Allow your site admins to Edit ads from the admin area.

Improved Promotion Architecture

Easy ability to add Promote anything in a Joomla site with place anywhere widgets. Brings back the much asked for Promote this Group/ Promote this event feature for JomSocial

Allow Ad owners to see their own Ads

One of the features of SocialAds is that it does not allow Ad owners to see their own ads in order to make it fairest to site owners astatsss well as other advertisers. This used to cause some confusion so we now let the admin disable this.

Optimized Stats table

Automated archiving of Stats in order to optimize the stats storage & improve performance

Admin Jotpad & Quick to Do list

Single place to see a quick to do list of SocialAds tasks for the admin in the backend.

This is just the Tip of the FeatureBerg !  Checkout the full Changelog in this Blog & participate in the discussion. Read on for the changelog.

CHANGELOG foe 2.7.5 beta1 to 2.7.5 beta5

2.7.5 Beta 1 Changelog -

Feature #10999: Add Google +1 button
Feature #10998: Add Facebbok like button
Feature #10997: Add Twitter button
Feature #10996: Integration with Jbolo
Feature #10995: Add configuration options for social sharing buttons
Feature #9784: Support animated gif images in upload
Feature #8759: create Affiliate code or Google Adsense ads
Feature #10745: payment slabs
Feature #11069: recurring payment support for
Bug #11118: Ad subbmitted even if no payment gateway enabled
Bug #11376: js breaking in IE due to 'Unknown runtime error'
Bug #11635: cannot buy unlimited credits for Ad in J2.5
Bug #11649: re-direct to payment form with values prefilled if payment unsuccessful
Bug #11650: editing zone the shows publish is NO even if it is published


2.7.5 Beta 2 Changelog -

Feature #9279: allow admin to edit ads in backend
Feature #10131: add the link to promote JS event/group in the event/group page
Feature #10628: eliminate the extra steps in payment
Bug #11402: choose the same day in calendar for per day
Bug #11658: changes for affiliate ads in ad type column
Bug #11659: changes for "have ctr as 3 decimal places" in admin
Bug #11661: duplicate field in form for ad_title
Bug #11662: Title of the Ad empty even if filled
Bug #11673: plugin lang file not loaded in case of alphauserpoints
Bug #11674: incorrect msg displayed for payment through Alphauser points


2.7.5 Beta 3 Changelog -

Feature #8750: Allow admin to let ad owners see their own ads if a config option is set
Feature #8988: archiving the ad stats table
Feature #10744: Jotpad in the backend ? Or a automated tasklist for the admin
Feature #11611: config for "Always approve" the ad
Bug #10035: Archive / truncate / other way to reduce the load of the stats table on the query
Bug #10888: fatal error in autrize plugin on redirect
Bug #11683: URL field not seen when ad type changed from affiliate ad to other type
Bug #11728: include reference in payment table for payments via points system
Bug #11750: get only the required stats applying the time limit
Bug #11751: document.getElementById("editview") is null on Adsummary page
Bug #11752: 500 db error on view adsummary
Bug #11764: targeting for targeting plugins not saved in case of unlimited credits
Bug #11765: targeting to incorrect users via tarrgeting plugins


2.7.5 Beta 4 Changelog -

All bugs reported in 2.7.5 beta 3 are fixed in this-

Bug #11786 On manage ad view - gif, video, flash ad can not be edited
Bug #11784 Avoid loading FLOWPLAYER & SWFOBJECT javascripts more than once
Bug #11778 Avoid loading social integration javascripts more than once
Bug #11782 Not working- Click tracking for video ads
Bug #11779 Not working- Click tracking for flash ads
Bug #10538 When undo "ignore ad", the ad is not seen again. Need to refresh the page

And many minor fixes.


2.7.5 Beta 5 Changelog -

All bugs reported in 2.7.5 beta 4 are fixed in this-

Bug #11859 Click tracking not working in IE 7/8/9 for flash and video ads
Bug #11831 Fatal error: Class 'JElement' not found in AUP payment plugin
Bug #11830 Clicking on video ads opens link in 2 tabs
Bug #11828 Respect zone dimensions for flash and video ad preview on create ad view, manage ads view AND in backend preview

And many minor fixes for 2.7.5 beta 4.


Notes about Flash/Video Ads

- Media Formats Supported- swf,flv,mp4 

(mime types-  'application/x-shockwave-flash', 'video/x-flv' , 'video/mp4' ) 

- All flash/video ads are auto played

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