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Kevin R. Morrison

Highly recommended

"The SocialAds component is one of the most exciting developments to arrive for those with Joomla-based communities, and I was thrilled to be among one of the first customers.  Like any new extension, there were bugs to be worked out, but the level of response and customer service to resolve them in an expedited manner has been simply refreshing.  The developers are top notch and more than capable of making this component to be one of the best value-add solutions for increasing revenue and satisfaction to both advertisers and community members.  The installation is a no-fuss, straight-forward effort and has had no compatibility issues with any other extensions on my site.  I would happily pay above what is being charged for this component, especially as the product road map matures providing even more functionality.  Highly recommended."

Kevin R. Morrison, MBA President & CEO Masters Society, LLC www.MastersSociety.com
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August 21, 2010

JBolo! Version 2.0 released
Celebrate India's Independence Day with us !

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