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Baby SocialAds is 6 Months Old. See whats coming in SocialAds 2.0

This is one question that i have been needing to answer almost everyday..

So here is an update of where SocialAds development is at ..Well atleast these are the features that i could quickly take some screen shots of anyways !

Quick Look at SocialAds 2.0

1. Community Builder Integration Option

I guess this is the biggest announcement yet.. Community Builder (CB) users have been after us ever since we released SocialAds to do an integration.. So here were are :) Now you have an option to Either integrate with JomSocial or CB.

2. Charge per day

Another new option to help you make even more money :) A lot of users asked us for an option to let Advertisers pay on a Per day basis in addition to the Pay per Click & pay per impression option since for small sized sites, it was easier to charge on a daily basis. Set this up & let advertisers decide how many days they want the ad to run & pay accordingly ! According to some Client sites where this has been running for a while, this option definitely ads buildings in the earnings graph :)

3. Fuzzy & Exact Mapping option for Text fields & Targeting Engine Revamp

Now you have an option of adding an Exact Select option for Input Box fields. We found that a lot of times, these fields were used for City, State, Zip code etc which were important targeting options & using the older engine which usually did a Fuzzy match (unless you used the force option that was available earlier) which didn't always give correct results. Also the earlier engine needed that we make some fields compulsory for Advertisers to fill out Or "Select All" which was not desirable from the Usability view point.

Now you can decide whether you want a Input field to be treated as a Fuzzy Select or Exact Select. If you are using it for a field like Interests, it should be fuzzy while if using it for a field like City, State, Zip code etc.. it should be exact..

P.S. The Simple Mapping you see below is part of a feature we will introduce in a later release which will  have the option to split the targeting into Simple & Advanced .

4. Quick Stats in the Approve Ads view

Now you can see some Quick Stats in the Approve ads view with the number if Clicks, Impressions & Ignores shows right there..

5. View Ignores & Ignore Stats

We have had the ability to provide feedback when ignoring ads from the first release but had no way to actually see why people ignored, how many ignored etc. This release lets the admins see this information. Later releases will also let ad owners see it which the admin shall be able to toggle.

6. Offline Payment methods

Version 2.0 shall add 2 new payment methods for offline payment. These will be Pay by Check & pay by Purchase order

7. Guest Ads

Yes :) its here ! Now you can let your advertisers create Guest Ads !

Just the start ...

Well this is the just the start.. There's a ton of code improvements under the hood as well as small features added here & there..

Baby SocialAds is 6 Months Old

Our SocialAds Baby celebrated its 6 Month Birthday on 2nd December. In this short timespan, SocialAds has come to power hundreds of JomSocial websites & help them make money.We would like to thank you all for your Amazing support & great feedback & encouragement that pushes us to do better all the time..

Planning for 3.0 has started !

We have begun planning for SocialAds 3.0 the next major release.. So this is the best time to tell us what you want to go in it ! Comment away people !

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