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Shika Beta 13 gets you new dashboard widgets and more!

Shika Beta 13 gets you new dashboard widgets and more!

After the pleasant surprise that Beta 12 has given you by adding more features in the same version, we’re releasing Beta 13 with some more new exciting features, bug fixes and minor improvements.

What are the new addons?

4 new dashboard widgets

  1. My Liked Lessons - This widget makes sure that you have the freedom to directly launch your favorite liked lessons from the dashboard
  2. Total Time spent - With this you can view total time spent directly on the dashboard
  3. My Groups -  You can view all the groups you’ve joined directly on the Dashboard. (For both JomSocial and EasySocial)
  4. My Group Discussions - You can view all the discussions you’ve been participating on the dashboard directly. (For Both JomSocial and EasySocial)


MailChimp and ACY mailing integration.

To make sure that your mailing is awesomely creative and effective we’ve integrated mailchimp and ACY mailing to make it happen.

Refactored the Course Tracking

We’ve completely modified the code and refactored it in such a way that it guarantees improved performance and efficiency.

 View the entire Change Log

We’re planning to give you a RC (release candidate) version of Shika within next 10 days and after that will be the GRAND Shika 1.0 stable release!

This says a lot about the End of Early Adopter Subscription, that it is nearing and a once in a life time offer of getting 42% Discount on Shika will be coming to an end soon!

 Who is an Early Adopter?

Early Adopters are the ones who buy Shika Beta at $399.99!

Advantages of being an Early Adopter

  • You get a chance to experience the product and support at a much lower price.
  • Your subscription date will start once the stable release is out.
  • Your subscription will be directly upgraded to 12 months Professional of Shika!

Be an Early Adopter Now!              Wait for Stable release & buy later at $699.99

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