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J!MailAlerts 2.0.1 is here

J!MailAlertsWe have released J!MailAlerts 2.0.1 today. It comes with a shiny new interface as well as a huge number of bug fixes. All bugs reported to date have been solved. The new interface makes it easy for frontend users to chose what alerts they want & configure each alert to a level never known before !

Whats New ?

We have pushed in a couple of small but interesting features. One of them is "Respect Last Email Date" . This option in the configuration should be kept on if you want to ensure that emails are sent only if any of the plugins has new content to deliver for the user, however if you want mails to be sent out irrespective of whether the content is new or not, you can switch it off.

The next interesting thing is the verbose debug. We have added this specifically to prove the reliability of the extension & save on support issues & also to give you an insight on how it works. When the Cron runs, a debug is shown in the following manner. Its also logged to a log.txt file in the component admin.

[2010-12-08 16:55:37] : Start cron run
Looking for users...
Found them: 16 to process
Processing for Administrator (user id 62)
The applicable pulgins for user are jma_latest_docs_docman,jma_latestphoto_pg,jma_latest_posts_ku
2010-12-08 16:55:37 [email protected] 1<br>
Mail sent to Administrator (user id 62)
Processing for Tom (user id 82)
The applicable pulgins for user are jma_latest_docs_docman,jma_latestphoto_pg,jma_latest_posts_ku
2010-12-08 16:55:42 [email protected] 1<br>
Failed to send Email. No New content found

Our own Use case

A copy of this version has been running on our intranet for the past week or so & its achieved the impossible of getting people to logon & share what new things they have been working on. With a few spicy plugins of our own like the Docman Latest Documents Plugin, Most active User Plugin ( these have not been publicly released yet) , our Intranet is really becoming a nice hub of activity. We hope you achieve the same success with your sites !

Please read on for the full change log & upgrade instructions.

Change Log

Task #1945: Jumbled up params issue
Task #1948: remove the [reglink] from the design your mail
Task #1956: error when integrating with only joomla in mail simulate view
Task #1968: Sync adding 2 orphan lines
Task #1969: Email Should not go if there is not data in any of the plugins
Task #1970: Plugin Universal Use Changes
Task #1971: CSS Images folder missing
Task #1978: in kunena plugin extra parameter called as "jma_ku_version"
Task #1979: JS events plugin change the query...
Task #2002: Logo of JmailAlerts in the drop down of the component in backend
Task #2049: View Makes Menu module slip down in case of JA Purity
Task #2050: Button Border missing for check version
Task #2081: change of code structure
Task #2128: user preferences not getting reflected in front end
Task #2176: jmail alert errors and warnings at frontend
Task #2182: Cron Shows Email Output instead of running
Task #2183: Simulate Error loads entire page
Task #2301: User Plugin Test with 2.0.1
Task #2333: Make sure user Plugin Works as expected with the new extension
Task #2334: Link replacement
- User Plugin shows Non approved users in-case of CB
- Add Debug output to Simulate Email

How to Upgrade ?

1. Backup your customized Email Design 

2. Install over earlier version if you are using J!MailAlerts 2.0X

3. Make sure you are not using any plugins of an older versions

The following Packages have been released :

J!MailAlerts 2.0.1 Core Extensions  ( Free Download )

J!MailAlerts Plugins Versions 2.0.1 ( Free Download )

  • Joomla Latest News
  • K2
  • Kunena Latest Posts
  • SOBI2 Latest Listings
  • Latest Users with Support for CB, JomSocial & core Joomla
  • Phoca Gallery Latest Photos
  • Eventlist Latest Events Plugin

JomSocial Plugin Pack for J!MailAlerts V2.0.1 Available to Plugin Pack Subscribers only which contains

  • JomSocial People you may know plugin
  • JomSocial Network Suggestions plugin
  • Latest Photos in JomSocial
  • Latest Videos in JomSocial
  • Latest Groups in JomSocial
  • Latest Events in JomSocial
  • Pending Connections for JomSocial
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