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Flexi Content Plugin for J!MailAlerts

What does it do ?

The Flexi Content plugin for J!MailAlerts allows site users to subscribe to various Flexi Item updates. They can opt to get Daily/ Weekly/ Monthly digests of the article activity on your website.

The User can decide what Categories to receive updates for and how many articles to include in an update.

Frontend User view to let user configure his Flexi content Alerts


Plugin Configuration

The Admin is allowed to chose which categories to offer in the Digest emails on a global level. Only these activities are available to the users to chose from.

**Note that this configuration is limited to the current plugin. To actually send alerts, the Plugin Replacement tag must be included inside the J!MailAlerts digest email configuration. You can read more about configuring J!MailAlerts in the J!MailAlerts documentation.

How does it look in the email ?

Here's a cool screenshot of how the alert would look in your Digest email. You can customise this layout as you need to use the plugin level templates. More information about customising plugin templates is available in the J!MailAlerts Documentation.


Love it ! Where can i get it ?

You can download it for free on our store. Note that this plugin needs the J!MailAlerts component which is free to download in our Free extensions section to work.


Stay Informed

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