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JBolo 2.9 Beta 3 Released

JBolo 2.9 Beta 3 is released. This contains a host of fixes & file transfer is also stabilized. Please see change log below.. 

Task #2624: Use seperate function for UI manipulation instead of old which include ajax calls
Task #2625: Fix usage of username/firstname instead of user id at many instances
Task #2627: Creating minification build script for release
Task #2630: Add number in fbbar new messages popup
Task #2631: Make file transfer stable
Task #2632: Create a module position on fbchat
Task #2636: numberical username issues
Task #2691: Change the template file
Task #2692: Add position in the bar
Task #2694: Add the header for the case of Chrome
Task #2696: Create a timer function on every page load
Task #2697: Check for and update the timer with the session value
Task #2772: Remove uncessary close chat calls for minimize in FBBar
Task #2789: Fixed some undefined variables being pushed into arrays
Task #2832: Jomsocial friends connection query is not correct
Task #2977: Deployment and versioning
Task #2991: With more than 5 users FB bar doesnt work properly
Task #3117: IE7 - 500 page error
Bug #2606: Order of message typed is wrong
Bug #2626: Fix usage of plain javascript usage instead use jquery for dom manipulation
Bug #2628: Polling action in controller should check if user is logged in
Bug #2629: Users having same name not able to chat to each other
Bug #2641: Number of sound alerts not same as number of messages
Bug #2642: Baloon notification in FB chat showing for sent at messages
Bug #2643: Keeping the active chat maximized for FBChat
Bug #2645: Not maintaining the order of chat boxes for FB chat refresh
Bug #3076: Facebook bar - Black theme
Bug #3077: Facebook bar - CSS styling bug
Bug #3078: Online user list update in FF
Bug #3082: Cant open more than two chat boxes in FF
Bug #3086: Check whether chat history is deleted from chat window or not
Bug #3106: IE7 - Facebook bar with black theme is not shown
Bug #3110: IE7 - No of online users is not shown
Bug #3132: IE7- The fb chat bar now show number in new messages notifications( The redbox appearing over minimized chatbox)
Bug #3133: IE7- Chat user list and chat box are disturbed
Bug #3139: IE8 - Messages sent from IE8 to FF user are not received
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