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Roadmap For jUnite v3.0

Roadmap For jUnite v3.0

Hello Everyone,

Thank you very much for all the suggestions you gave us in order to improve this app and keeping all those in mind we are ready with the jUnite roadmap for v3.0. You will soon be able to perform all your site functions through this app.

Following is the Roadmap for jUnite v3.0:

Easy Social


  • List of groups
  • Groups detail view
  • View group discussion comments
  • Like group discussions
  • Search groups

List of friends

  • Add as friend
  • Remove friend


  • View all the messages
  • Post messages
  • Delete messages

Status update with following support

  • Text share
  • Photo + Text Share
  • Link

Remember Me! Login feature

  • When user get logged in mobile app, the Website url & username will be saved into the app.

Push notifications via Amazon SNS

  • Push notifications for important actions like messages
  • User can turn off the push notifications via user settings from the app.

In App Browser

  • Similar to the browser in the Facebook app, any links that the app cannot handle are opened in a browser. This makes the stream  and thr blog content much more interactive!

Activity Stream Overhaul

  • In order to have more features like “In App links”  & many more features..
  • Photo Zooming


  • Enable image uploading
  • Browse by bloggers
  • Edit  & Delete the new blog created by user
  • Form validation for for every required field
  • Team Blogs
  • Add tags for writing new blog
  • View tags on the full blog.
  • 3rd party commenting integration.
  • Photo Zooming


  • More filters
  • Add support for the video campaigns
  • UI Improvements
  • Photo Zooming

We'are still working on the release date and it seems that we might be able to release this version in the mid January. So guys stay tuned for more updates! Feel free to add a comment for any suggestions or doubts. :)

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