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JomWALL now integrated with JGive, JBolo and EB!

JomWALL now integrated with JGive, JBolo and EB!

In today’s world, no other tool is more important to the growth of your business than Social Media.  Brands that realize this potential have access to more customers than ever before, and can operate their business on a global scale that was previously impossible.  Website developers specializing in Joomla! need resources that allow them to deliver social media and community integration quickly and easily, to properly satisfy their clients.

One great tool that many turn to is JomWALL, by Dashbite.  Amazingly effective and power-packed right out-of-the-box, JomWALL has been heralded for its ease of use, wide array of features, and the fantastic support provided by the engineers at Dashbite.

What’s in it for Techjoomla subscribers?

We wanted all of our great Techjoomla subscribers to be able to experience first-hand just how fantastic JomWALL is.  Our friends at Dashbite made sure to integrate JGive, JBolo, and Email Beautifier in with their product.  On top of all the wonderful features already mentioned, all extensions offered by TechJoomla and Dashbite are Joomla 3.5 compatible.  By choosing cutting-edge products that support the most recent Joomla! update, you’ll have the best tools on the market for building the community-driven sites that companies are demanding.

That’s not All!

For a very limited time, our friends at Dashbite are offering a 20% discount on all of their extensions for TechJoomla subscribers.  Don’t wait! Offer only valid until June 1st.

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