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Extend your Community Builder with some Awesome Extensions @Techjoomla !

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Joomlapolis is one of the oldest & most respected companies in Joomla sine the Mambo days. Super stable, well tested & extendible extensions in their forte & Community Builder is their Flagship extension.

Community Builder combined with 17+ team addons that the CB team themselves develop & maintain, along with GroupJive make for some of the greatest ingredients of a Social recipe. Add CB Subs to the recipe & you have the ability to create a Paid membership site. Simply a site with a Powerful Registration & Profile, Membership site, Social network, Intranet, you name it. Pick CB & addons of your choice , add some Techjoomla Spice & you are good to go ;)

Techjoomla & Community Builder

Techjoomla & CB go back a long way ! In fact one of the first extensions we built at Techjoomla was for Community Builder & even today most of our extensions have support for CB inbuilt. Techjoomla also offers custom development services using Community builder. If you have some custom CB work to do, get in touch !

A Special Discount for Techjoomla Users

Check your Subscriptions area for the Discount code to get a Nice discount off membership, templates and CBSubs . Only for  TechJoomla users !

Spice up your Community Builder Website with Addons from Techjoomla !

Techjoomla has some of the most powerful & widely used extensions for CB. Get them today & add some spice to your CB website.

TechJoomla-SocialAds for Community Builder, TechJoomla

SocialAds. Joomla Advertising Solution with Social targeting for Community Builder !

SocialAds gives you awesome Social Advertising features for your Community Builder website. SociaAds is a full fledged Advertising system with awesome features like Zones, Zone based Pricing, Media (Image & Video) Ads, Text Ads, Flash Ads, Social Targeting, Geo Targeting, Payper Click, Per impression, Per Day pricing, Slabs, a super awesome intutiuve Ad builder, multiple payment options & much much more !

Monetize your site with this preferred advertising solution for CB today ! More ...

Buy Single

70 USD (6 Months)
120 USD (12 Months)

Promotional Packs

TechJoomla-Invitex for Community Builder, TechJoomlaInvitex. Full featured viral invitations system for Community Builder

With features like native API plugins, URL invitations, Invitation reminders, dynamic content in emails,Invite Anywhere & much much more,Invitex is the most extensive Invites system for Joomla.  More ...

Buy Single

45 USD 6 Months
70 USD (12 Months)

Promotional Packs

TechJoomla-JmailAlerts For Community Builder, TechJoomla

J!MailAlerts. Email Digest Content Plugins for CB

J!MailAlerts is Joomla's only Dynamic Email Digest system giving you the ability to send automated updates & digest emails to your users to keep them abreast of the hapenings on your site. J!MailAlerts has several plugins for CB content. More ...

Buy Single

10$ per Plugin

1 Month Subscription


J!Bolo. GMail & Facebook like Chat for Community Builder

JBolo! is an extension that will integrate Facebook & GMail like chat into your Community Builder websites. Features like one on one chat, file sharing, activity stream integration for CB Super activity & much more, this one is a must have ! More ...

Buy Single

30 USD (6 Months) /
55 USD (12 Months)

Promotional Packs

TechJoomla- People Suggest, TechJoomla

People Suggest for Community Builder

In a Social network,its very critical to increase the connections between users. The more connections people have, the more likely they are to stay on your site. People Suggest is a intelligent network suggestions system which uses a combination of 4+ logic algorithms to suggest people to network with.The main ones are Profile based suggestions, Mutual Friend Analysis, Suggest  a Friend & Invite analysys. More ...

Buy Single

45 USD (6 Months) /
80 USD (12 Months)

Promotional Packs

TechJoomla-Mutual Friends for Community Builder,  TechJoomlaMutual Friends for Community Builder

Mutual Friends for Community Builder displays mutual friends of the logged in user & the user whose profile the user is looking at on the Profile page.

Buy Single

20 USD (6 Months) /
35 USD (12 Months)

Promotional Packs

TechJoomla-Broadcast for Community Builder - CB Super Activity & JomWall for CB, TechJoomlaBroadcast for Community Builder

Broadcast adds real Social Sync to your CB Website.It can Push & Pull activities from connected Social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter to your CB Activity Stream* & Also push updates from your site to the connected Social Networks.

* Needs CB extensions Super Activity or JomWall.

Buy Single

45 USD (6 Months) /
80 USD (12 Months)

Profile Completeness for Community Builder

Encourage your users to complete their profiles by showing a nice looking completeness bar on their Profiles. Better profiles mean better suggestions. Goes great with People suggest. More...

Free Download

Read more about Support Subscriptions in our FAQs

Promotional Packs for Community Builder

Community Builder Power Pack - All Our CB extensions in one Awesome Pack !Community Builder Power Pack

This pack combines all our popular Community Builder extensions in a super savings Pack ! Get the Power Pack today & save over 33% !

6 Months Subscription 160$ |12 Months Subscription 280$

Buy Now

* Note that the pack does not currently include Broadcast & any J!MailAlerts Plugins. Please read full details of the pack here

See Techjoomla CB Extension in Action !

Checkout Our CB Demo for Techjoomla Extensions here !


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